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Safety scissors assembly machine

The equipment as part of the directional development, can achieve hairdressing hospital nose hair scissors, scissors form a complete set of sewing kit, the safety of the children cut and paste paper scissors and other small scissors, automated assembly, production rhythm: 7 seconds/a, the industry long-term dependence on technology to solve the proficiency of Montana, riveting quality enhancement, makes the shear stress increases, the scissors quality promotion;

Current prototype promotion stage, preferential price : 125000Yuan/units

Automatic cored riveting machine

The equipment can be compatible with: GB rivets 2.5/3.2/4.5/5 four specifications of rivets, realize the automatic stitching in one second, greatly improve the worker's labor efficiency, reduce the labor intensity;

Current prototype promotion stage, preferential price:18500Yuan/units
自主研发Research and development
品质保障Quality guarantee
注重效率Pay attention to efficiency

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The company focuses on r & D of riveting equipment, and currently developed good products: automatic core riveting machine, and the industry, automobile, 3C, home appliances, packaging, etc

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